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Are you looking for a specific car? It's time you cash in on the promise you made yourself as a kid while playing Gran Turismo that one day you would "Own this car." We're here to help! We offer brokerage services and can help with understanding the entire importation process so you can find that dream car.


We specialize in all Kei vehicle repairs, maintenance and customizations, whether you want a full tune up on your vehicle, need something repaired, or just want to add that little extra something to make it your own we can help. We work on sourcing parts and have mechanics qualified to service any kei vehicle.


Did you try racing that Prius and were you granny shifting? not double-clutching like you should? The mad scientists at JDMImportsCT have you covered with ripping apart the block and replacing those piston rings you fried.


We also provide services for your full sized vehicle be it JDM or otherwise. Repairs, maintenance, and customizations can be performed at our facility or we can help source hard to find parts and assist with any cross referencing needed.

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