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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked. We Answered.

Why are JDM vehicles the best?

There are many reasons choosing a JDM vehicle would make the most sense. First off they are incredibly reliable and typically have lower mileage than the USD counterparts. Since many of the vehicles I import were not available in the US they are incredibly unique, not just in appearance (which will turn plenty of heads on the road) but they also have unique functionality not found in many USD vehicles.

When it comes to performance JDM cars often have higher stock power than their USD counterparts. Even smaller engines are more efficient allowing better power with smaller displacement.

Considering the vehicles are over 25 years old JDM cars are incredibly well maintained. This is due in part to the rigorous regulations requiring vehicles to be maintained regularly. 

Why are classic vehicles the best?

Besides classics being cooler they also have many other advantages. Often they are easier to repair and maintain than modern vehicles. When registered as a classic vehicle they can offer reduced tax and insurance benefits as well.

Are you considering a Side-by-side or UTV? Why is a Kei Truck is better?

Mini trucks are amazing go-anywhere machines that are fun, durable, easy to maintain, and extremely affordable (starting at $4,000 for a basic one in good condition and go up the more features they have). They can have dump beds and/or scissor lifts. They can have lift gates, box trucks, campers, and when it comes to offroad capabilities in 4WD they are incredibly capable but add axle and/or diff lock hi and low range and they are nearly unstoppable. They are just one of the handiest vehicles you can find. These trucks have plenty of power, unbeatable fuel efficiency (avg. 16Kpl / 36.7Mpg), and of course the comfort of a full cab with heat and optional A/C. All makes have fold down sides and rear gates available, so it’s very easy to haul whatever you are loading on or off. The good thing about these trucks is that most of them will haul 1500lbs of load. Opposed to a standard utility vehicle, they have much more payload capacity for their size. AND OF COURSE THEY ARE STREET LEGAL IN MOST STATES! Carbureted models easily reach 60mph, and those with fuel injectors can get up to 75mph (about as fast as you'd want to drive one).

What is the best Kei Truck / Van?

This really depends on personal preference and it's intended use. Certain trucks are better for off-road, others for on-road. Some are better for passenger comfort others are better for cargo. Message us for a free personalized consultation.

Who buy's Kei Trucks/Vans?

Most people will find either one of these vehicles fit their unique needs. Landscapers/Contractors appreciate the smaller form allowing them to squeeze in more places and while doing less property damage, especially on soft ground. Farmers/Off-roaders appreciate the mud/climbing/hauling abilities they offer along with being more comfortable, less expensive, and street legal vs. UTV's. Bands love the gear capability of vans. They are turned into campers/food trucks and all sorts of interesting designs can be found online. Plus they cost considerably less to own than US full-sized trucks/vans while having comparable cargo capability.

What modifications are available?

For trucks/vans lift/lowering along with stance/atv wheels/tires are common. As are lightbars, hitches, plows, winches. 

Car's have a wide array of JDM performance parts available and many vehicles can come sourced modified for drift, racing, show, off-road, etc. 

Your imagination is the limit.

Looking for a Jeep Wrangler alternative?

Consider the Mitsubishi Pajero or Suzuki Jimny! While not as known/common in the US it can make them more appealing. Additionally, they are true survivalist 4x4s. The Suzuki Jimny for example holds some of the best world records for mountain climbing including passing Jeep's high altitude record on the same route. What's more, they do it with smaller turbo 4 cylinder engines which are more efficient. 

Even if you still want the "Jeep" look, you may be surprised to know Japan made several Jeep variants by Toyota, Mitsubishi, and so-on. 

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