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October Imports

We've got 4 incredible trucks coming in October.

1) 1991 Ford J-80 (yes you read that right, it's a JDM RHD FORD). This is truly a rebadged Mazda Bongo but having the Ford badge may make it stand out even more. It isn't just any compact over cab truck, this is made to haul SERIOUS loads having the larger 2.0l 4 cylinder TURBO DEISEL engine. Yes, Turbo Deisel, offering not only tremendous power but for efficiency as well. To handle all the extra weight you may put on this truck it has a DUALLY rear axle. That's right, two tires on each side. This is the ultimate big power/big load small truck!

2&3) 1992 & 1995 Diahatsu Hijet Climbers - Both come with lockers making them tremendous off-road capable mini-trucks. What's more, both are in fantastic condition with low miles.

4) 1992 Suzuki Carry STURDY DUMP - This gem is one of the few of the 660 Suzuki's that doesn't have circle headlights (if those aren't your thing). More importantly, the heavy-duty sturdy dump is stronger and higher than regular dumps allowing for larger/heavier loads. Even with a heavy load, you won't get stuck since it has a locking axle. Since it's a 5 speed it also will allow for comfortable higher speeds on the freeways.

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