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Are Kei Trucks reliable?

Kei Trucks have been manufactured by the Japanese since the '60s. The injection of half a century worth of Japanese engineering into these ATVs means they are built to last. The evidence is that there are many Kei Trucks over 35 years old still being used today.

As with other Japanese vehicles you've come to know, the quality of these Kei Trucks is second to none.

Designed to be Dependable

Government and huge corporations use fleets of Kei Trucks/Vans which are a major pillar in their organizations. They are also used by many if not most local businesses in Japan.

Built Tough

Simple design means fewer complications and less trouble in the field. These Kei Trucks are built to take a beating and keep moving. i.e. Construction companies.

Withstands the Elements

Climate and weather in Japan have temperature extremes similar to the U.S. (from Maine to the Florida Keys). Summers are very hot and humid and can get up to 40°C. Winters are harsh with lots of snowfall, sub-zero temperatures, and frozen seas.

Tackles Any Terrain

Japan is an island with a variety of flat, hilly, and mountainous areas. 2WD drive trucks are more than sufficient but 4WD guarantees that steep hills, snow, and ice are not obstacles. Many trucks can come with Difflock or Axle Lock for even more traction in the most challenging of conditions.

Rugged Platform

The Kei Trucks is the standard platform for many types of specialized vehicles. That's why it's imperative that they're designed as a solid base vehicle. They are used as food trucks, fitted with cranes, dumps, signage, etc. Ref: Mini Truck CA.

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